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On an icy January day in 2013, Pam Chartier of Brighton, MI, started to walk down her driveway to get the mail when she fell.  “I knew I’d broken my leg,” recalls Chartier, who was wearing only light clothing – no hat or gloves, even though it was 15F outside. “The pain was unbelievable.”
Her 18-pound Havanese, Rally, was with her. When Chartier reached into her pocket to get her cell phone to call for help, it fell and slid down the driveway, about 20 feet away from where she was.
“This is a dog that has never fetched. He doesn’t chase a ball or retrieve anything,” she recalls. Nonetheless, she told Rally to go get the “toy” and “he rand down, grabbed the phone in his mouth and came back with it.”
As soon as he did, he climbed on her chest, shere he stayed until help arrived. And now, she says, “he lies on my all the time.”
Appeared on Channel 2, Denver
Proud Ambassador for
"Mutts and Models"
A Charity for Underpriviledged Pets

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