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The best source for vaccine information is Dr. Jean Dobbs.  She has done extensive research, and now the vet schools look to her for canine vaccine protocols.  The important things to remember about vaccines:
Many vets have not learned the new protocol…….
Every 1# Chihuahua gets the same dosage as a 150# Great Dane!
   This is why small dogs have reactions to vaccines.  A lot of toxin in a tiny body.
Small dogs should NEVER be given 3-way, 5-way, or 7-way vaccines.
   That’s tripling (and more) the toxins going into that little body all at one time.
   It is much cheaper for the vet to give the "combo" vaccines.  
Not every dog is exposed to every disease and does NOT need every vaccine.
Corona and Lepto are absolute NO, NO’s for Havanese.  
   If you read, you’ll discover that they aren’t exposed to those diseases anyway.
Vaccines should be given 3-4 weeks apart.  
   When the vet wants to get you back in 2 weeks, say you’ll check your calendar
   and call for the appointment.  Give your baby’s body time to process the toxin
   from the vaccine.
The only vaccine you cannot administer yourself is Rabies.  
   In some States, you can.
The only vaccine required by law is Rabies……..
The best place to buy vaccines is Revival Animal Health (online).  They will be very helpful!
   Or, you can buy them from your vet…..and give them yourself

If you need help selecting a vet, we can give you some tips on how to find a good one.  One thing to keep in mind about vets is that we expect miracles from them.  We expect them to be skilled and knowledgeable in Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Dermatology, Eyes-Ears-Nose-Throat, Gastroenterology, Optometry, Dentistry, Anesthetics, Surgery, Allergies, and more.   Oh, but that’s not all.  We also expect them to be all of these things to dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, rabbits, snakes, ferrets, turtles, lizards, and more.  Oh, but that’s still not all.  We also expect them to be all of these things to all of these species AND to 165 breeds within the canine species alone!  No one person could do all of that even if they never slept and did nothing else.  That’s why you need to know your breed and know what you want done, i.e., NO LEPTO or combo vaccines, and longer than 2 weeks apart, etc.  Havanese have serious problems with the Lepto and Corona vaccines.  Study the diseases your vet wants to vaccinate against and decide if your dog will ever be exposed to those diseases.  You do not get vaccinated for diseases in Africa unless you plan to go there……You should gain a great deal of respect from your vet if you tell him/her that you understand this impossible expectation and that YOU are responsible for your dog’s care and have educated yourself about your breed.

Think about this: Would you give your infant a vaccine that doesn't even protect against the current strain of the targeted disease?  Ask the vet if the vaccine he/she wants to give protects against the current strain of the disease.  Would you give a vaccine highly associated with vaccine-associated morbidity or mortality?  Please do your research before vaccinating your Havvie.

Here  are links to excellent information.

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