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So you decided on a Christmas puppy!  

It is a very exciting idea and tells me that you want to do something very, very special for your human babies, which means you will be just as loving to a new little furbaby joining your family.

Having received a Christmas puppy myself, I know how super exciting it is! 
BUT, I was the youngest and I was 13...

Here is how to make it an exciting gift AND still be able to enjoy your holidays without the added work and worry of a new puppy.  

I will provide you with a darling picture of the puppy that you can print as big as you want... AND a letter from Santa saying that the puppy just couldn’t fit in the sleigh and be safe on the trip from the North Pole. The letter includes a colorful list of puppy supplies the kids can have fun shopping for so they are a part of making sure their puppy comes home to a soft, safe and fun home after the holidays which will extend their holiday excitement over a longer period of time.  I also provide information on training, and how they can properly socialize their new family member.  This also gives kids time to play with toys and share time with visiting family members or go visit family members without worrying about the baby left home alone.
A puppy has a big adjustment when transitioning to a new home. They have just left their home, their mother, siblings, and humans and find themselves in a strange place all by themselves with strangers. 

For a lasting enjoyable life with a new furry family member, it is crucial to have a routine. A routine continually tells the puppy what to expect and keeps the puppy from getting scared and stressed from not knowing what will be next.  Christmas brings too much chaos, dangerous and deadly things to chew on, visitors forgetting there is a new little one running around, trees, tree light cords, decorations, and gifts with colorful bows.
The last thing a breeder wants is for their puppy to be neglected and scared when it first enters its new home.

AKC view  (and mine) is that a dog is for LIFE, not a toy for Christmas!
Most Dangerous Holiday Pet Hazards

Holiday Decorations
Ribbons, ornaments, ribbons, tinsel, artificial snow, glass, metal
Holiday Plants
Holly, mistletoe, poinsettia, lilies and Christmas Tree water can all be toxic to pets if ingested
Holiday Foods
Table scraps: Fatty foods can cause stomach problems and cooked bones can splinter and cause obstructions or choking.
Holiday Escapes
Guests forget you have a puppy and doors are left ajar or held open allowing for escapes. Be sure your dog’s ID tag is on at all times.
Holiday Weather
Antifreeze: One lick is enough to kill. Wipe paws and tummy after walks to remove salt and chemical residues they might lick.
Mushers is a great product for protecting paw pads in ice and snow.
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