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Kibble & Raw Diets

Let's discuss dog food.  Prior to WWII, dogs ate what their families ate.  Dry dog food had not been invented yet.  The longest lived dog lived to be 27 and was on a raw diet his entire life.  Dogs are ALL descendants of the Wolf.  The Wolf eats raw meat, i.e., rabbits, sheep, pheasant, venison, elk, ostrich, kangaroo, etc.  In that process, he eats organ meats, muscle meats and raw bones.  He's a darn healthy creature, wouldn't you say?

Traditional vets do not like the raw diet.  They see cases of e-coli from it.  What they don't consider is the ratio of e-coli cases to the number of raw fed dogs.  They also don't consider the fact that it is most likely caused from poor meat handling practices by the dog owner.  It saved 6 of my dogs from Parvo.  3 of those dogs were 12-week old puppies (Puppies don't live more than 24-48 hours with Parvo.)  They had it for 10 days before it got bad enough for me to realize something awful was happening.  I read everything I can get my hands on about canine nutrition and vaccines, and I firmly believe the raw diet is the very best thing you can do for your dog.

If you find a better source than The Whole Dog Journal (WDJ) for knowledge about canine dry, canned and raw food, please let me know.  This publication has absolutely NO ADVERTISEMENTS.  It is all about dogs and is 1 of 2 publications about dogs that I have subscribed to for many years. 

What I value highest about this publication is that they analyze dog foods (dry, wet and raw) annually.  Why annually?  Because dog food manufacturers change their ingredients without notifying the public.  This happens more frequently than you would like to think, and especially as dog food manufacturers are bought up by huge conglomerates looking ONLY at the bottom line.  

You will see from looking at websites of dog food manufacturerers, they take great pride in being listed as an approved food by this publication.  Remembert the year that there were so very many recalls and deaths as a result of dog foods being manufactured with unsanitary methods, unhealthy ingredients, and/or being manufactured by another company?  The following year, the WDJ notified all the dog food manufacturers that they would only analyze their food if they disclosed where it was manufactured.  Many refused.  The WDJ analyzed food, published the results, and included a list of the manufacturers who refused to disclose where their food was manufacturered.  It was shocking to most pet owners, as on that list were some household names.......

The report on dry food was published in the February, 2015 issue of the WDJ in 4 sections that span 12 pages of a 24-page issue, including whether it is manufactured by another company and what to ask the dog food company.  Never thought about asking a dog food company questions?  I do it.  Before I spend my money and risk my dogs life, I want to know that I can reach that company and speak to a real person.  Consider this.  A food was highly recommended to me by a breeder who is very knowledgeable and shows dogs as well.  It was recommended to her by a pet food store owner.  I checked it out.  It looked like a good food.  I called the company.  I got an answering machine.  I left a message.  I got no response.  Needless to say, I did not put that food into my dogs.

Also included in this report is a listing all approved foods with 8 columns of vital information about each one.  This article also ranked some "well-known" (not necessarily approved) foods.  That's an eye-opener.  This article includes a section on "Manufacturers and 'Co-manufacturers," good ingredients and undesireable ingredients, affects of the amount of protein and fat for your dog, grain-free and carbohydrate-free, the best amount of time to buy before the indicated "best by" date, and dehydrated or freeze-dried meats.

This publication also contains great articles on other subjects and training.  I can't recommend it highly enough.  And, in case you are wondering.....the other publication I subscribe to is Dogs Naturally Magazine.  It is fabulous!!!  An annual subscription to these 2 publications could save you thousands in vet bills and potentially save your dog's life.

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