Puppy Nursery - Havanese Puppies

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Puppy Nursery

Puppy Nursery
Puppies stay in the Nursery until they are 2-3 weeks old as this is the most critical time for their survival.
The Nursery and puppy pens are thoroughly cleaned prior to their birth. The pens are elevated to keep them above the floor level to prevent exposure to germs that might enter under the door. 
The TV provides soft music, and the lamp provides soft light in the evening hours.
There is a chest to store blankets and supplies; a desk for the microscope to view slides that tell me exactly when to breed, a heater to keep the room perfectly warm for babies, and a toy box to stimulate them as soon as they are ready.  Slides, chemicals, and swabs used in this process are in the drawers. A scale for weighing the puppies regularly, their growth charts, water, and paper towels.
All decorating/wall color/decal ideas are very welcome!
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