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About Us and Our Dogs

I just want you to know that this has been the best experience waiting and watching for my new baby.  My husband is a physician, and we have a lot of patients that are breeders.  They cannot believe what time and effort you put into the process of adopting out your babies.  I told them I only pick the best.  Thanks again, Wendy (Wendy now has 2 WOW puppies.)

Piper is just great! We adore him and love that he is strong and sturdy as well as sweet and loving.  After more than four years, we remain as thrilled with him as we were on the first day we brought him home (maybe more because he isn't eating my shoes anymore).  Connie  (Connie now has 2 WOW puppies.)

Cassie is doing great.  She is quite the entertainer.  Frank and I laughed so much last night watching her play on the floor with a couple of her toys.  She was hilarious running round and round, rolling around and chasing.  The vet says all is well and is very impressed with you as a breeder.  She said she'd love to talk to you, so we gave her your phone number.  She is from the Belleview Animal Clinic, and her name is Judy Jasek.  She has the same feelings as you do on feeding raw and about vaccines, etc.  Frank and Barb

Sydney (Blake) Morgan is exceptional at support and communication.  We were concerned about feeding raw food to our puppy, and Blake explained everything necessary to make this diet easy and straightforward.  Now, our dog is almost 10 and has had perfect health her entire life, and all three of us are comfortable with her raw cuisine.  -  During the first months with our puppy, we had a lot of questions.  Blake answered them all in detail, promptly, via email or phone, as appropriate.  Ten months later, she was stilll answering.  When Blake doesn't have an answer, she refers us to someone who can help.  -  The most important thing we need, as new dog owners, is confidence in our breeder.  Blake exceeds our requirements, providing practical information during every stage of puppy growth and development.  -  Do we recommend Blake to friends and referrals who are looking for a Havanese breeder?  YES!  Barbie and John

I consider Blake to be a close friend after our experience getting one of her pups.  She was just great, with a lot of logistical help when it came to finally bringing her home, and kept Miss Chrissy until I was ready to take her.  Also, we had major emails going for the first several months, and I had lots of questions and concerns.  As for Miss Chris--she is the most delightful, most loving, ornriest little naughty cutie I could hope to find.  She is so full of love, and that is because of how Blake raised her.  She is a bundle of energy--Blake says that she is one of a kind--she's never had a dog with a personality as huge as Chrissy's.  I don't think that you could find a better breeder tha Blake.  She really loves the dogs, and makes sure that the right home is found for each one of them.  Pat (Denver)

It's easy to say great things about Sydney (Blake) Morgan and Way Out West Havanese.  I bought my first dog, Max, from her in 2004.  In my 50's at the time, and he was my first dog.  Blake helped me pick the perfect personality.  He is the sweetest, most loving dog I've ever met.  He was so easy to train, and everyone who meets him comments on how friendly and well behaved he is.  Four years later, I thought Max needed to be more active and contacted Blake about another puppy.  This summer, Max and I picked up Henry, and they have been best buddies since day 1.  Once again, Blake picked the right puppy for me.  Henry is so much fun, and he keeps Max on the go morning and night.  I will always recommend Blake and her wonderful puppies.  Thanks Blake!  Simone  (Simone now has 3 WOW puppies.)

Yes! The puppy finally has a name after much vigorous debate.  He is Frodo.  Named after a hobbit with his wavy hair, small size, happy go lucky attitude, big appetite and feet.  He has been perfect!  Not a single accident yet.  He is getting much more comfortable around all the other pets.  He loves the ferrets and cats the best so far!  He likes everyone and has been with us night and day since we brought him home.  We will hae to start leaving him for some short bits...doubt he will like it much.  He is sleeping throught the night, not crying.  Just a super puppy!!!  We LOVE him!!!  Gina  (Gina now has 2 WOW pupppies.)

He has no fear!  Funny about his enclosed yard.  He likes to go out and sit on the ramp, but he doesn't like to mess there.  He wants to go outside, no matter what the weather!  Fortunately, he will use it in an emergency, or hold it until we get home.  Still gives great hugs!!  Hope you are well, and thank you for being a great breeder.  Pat (NY)

Thank you for the gift of my precious puppy, Addy.  She fills my heart with joy every single day!  
It's hard to believe but Addy is 8 today! I'm so incredibly grateful to have her in my life. She is sweet, smart, fun, snuggly, energetic and loving!  Stephanie

We made it home safely.  Baron was so good.  He is a great traveling companion.  Thank you for all the information.  I am amazed at how well socialized Baron is.  I can tell how much love, time and work you give to your Havanese.  Alice

Bear, who we are now calling Hugo, is a little dear.  Everyone is falling in love with him.  He hasn't had any accidents in the house and is walking very well on the leash.  I am amazed.  He also is very good at playing Fetch.  He is calm and playful at the same time.  Marian

We are so happy with her!  She is eating, sleeping, pooping, peeing, playing and loving well!  Two poops in the house but I am "on" to her now~ she is predictable.  A little bit of crying but when she realizes we are near she quiets right down.  Making friends with our kitten.  She is an amazing puppie and we love her!  Thank you for being such a good #1 mom for her!  Vicki

We have rocky who is one of Sydney's puppies.  He is the best dog.  I can't even say enough good things about his temperament.  He was our first child and now with the addition of the other 3 (human kids), he has been amazing.  He loves children more than other dogs and tolerates their 
occasional roughness like a champ.  I think they truly believe they are children!  He has never growled or nipped even when being yanked on.  He has been to agility classes, which he loves and is very good at.  They are very athletic dogs.  He doesn't bark except occasionally when someone is in our hall.  He loves the beach and the snow.  He goes on 2-hour hikes like a champ.  He has been on trains, planes, cars, and the subway where we meet so many people just because of how good and cute he is.  All of our friends want a dog like Rocky.  I did so much research trying to find the perfect small dog and definitely found it in Blake's Havanese.  I did a lot of searching and interviewing trying to find a good breeder and just couldn't recommend anyone more than Blake.  Rocky has the sweetest disposition which I attribute to her love and care.  If I ever get another, it will only be from Blake.  Amie

Wanted to let you know we are still in love with our little Stoagie. He is sure a sweetie. He gets a walk at least twice a day and I make him sit before we cross the street and then he gets to get off the leash when we get home so he knows home. He is very good at not going in the street and staying in his own yard. Of course he is watched the whole time. He goes to the bathroom in the same spot everytime which is interesting and was not happy the recent snow covered some of his scent. Makes it easy for me to clean up though. I made a bell at the door and he uses it or barks which is awesome.  His job every morning is to wake the kids up and he does this very well. After I let him out he races upstairs and licks both of them till they can't stand it going from room to room. He has sure fit in with everyone and is a member of the family.   Thanks again for allowing us to have him!  Jayme 

We got home safely and started Toby getting used to new surroundings. He's beginning to feel adventurous. He's good about letting me know when he wants to go out. He's learning to sit on command pretty well. We're very pleased with him. Thank you so much.  Gil

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