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Visiting Policy

About Us and Our Dogs

Our Puppy Visiting Policy

Our first priority is the health of our babies, and visitors from outside of our home can easily bring in disease on clothing and shoes.  In addition, our policy of inviting potential new families into our home to see our puppies has been adversely affected by the animal rights anti-pet activity throughout the US.  Animal Rights is a movement led by PETA and the HSUS (Humane Society of the US) dedicated to the eradication of all domestic animals, and particularly aimed at the most staunch animal lovers in our society - dedicated and reputable breeders of well-bred, purebred dogs and cats.  Did you know that the HSUS has never supported (let alone owned/managed) a single animal shelter?  Did you know that PETA members go to dog shows and let dogs out of their crates?  They don't take them to safety or a good home.  They just let them out to get lost or hurt.

Because of intimidation tactics, harassment, and outright raids on reputable breeders and law-abiding citizens by misguided disciples of these groups, we have reluctantly found it necessary to implement a policy of meeting with potential new owners at locations other than our homes, lest our homes be made vulnerable to attack at a later date.  We are very sorry that our society has degenerated to the point that these subversive groups have forced us to make this change.

We, of course, still stand behind our breeding program one hundred percent, and are most ready to supply you with references from our owners of pets from previous litters, and the obvious superior health and condition of the animals themselves.  We also have a web cam and can offer you a LIVE view of the puppies living and playing in our home, as well as other views and photos of our home.

We thank you for your interest, for your love of our chosen breed, and for your support for all those who seek to protect and improve well-bred, purebred dogs.

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